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Elin Aram

Elin Aram is the star of the new Roxette video «She’s got nothing on (but the radio)«, the first single from «Charm School» album. In the clip directed by Mats Udd, she characterizes DJ Takeover. The most interesting thing about her is that she is a real Roxer and she works as DJ since fourth years. That’s why Run to Roxette made an interview with her to know more about her. Read the rest of this entry »

Mats Udd with his camera

Mats Udd (26) comes from the city of Falun in Sweden. He is a trained television producer and has a background at Nordisk Film post production and the music television program Garage. He has also worked for various production companies both as an editor, feature producer and photographer.
Mats directs the new Roxette video «She’s got nothing on (but the radio)», the first single of «Charm School». Read the rest of this entry »

Sataffan Oferman

Born: September 8, 1962 in Stockholm (Sweden)
Instruments: Keyboards, percussion and backing vocals
Staffan has played with several bands since he, by mistake, discovered The Sweet in 1973. Used to beaten up by Clarence (his older brother) for not listening to Yes albums. He´s a great vocalist and a splendid father of two cjilds. Made his stage debut, aged three, doing cigarette tricks. On a good day he´ll sing the entire Kiss catalogue for you 🙂 Staffan that played with Roxette from the Look Sharp tour 1988 and I did the last gig at the MTV Unplugged concert. Now he isn´t at the Roxette band but he was the director of the children´s choir of the single «Stars». His dauther, Jackie, is one of the children of that choir.

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Goran Fritzson

How do you do?

I’m fine, thank you.

Well… first we are going to ask you something about yourself, ok?


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