Run to Roxette


Sataffan Oferman

Born: September 8, 1962 in Stockholm (Sweden)
Instruments: Keyboards, percussion and backing vocals
Staffan has played with several bands since he, by mistake, discovered The Sweet in 1973. Used to beaten up by Clarence (his older brother) for not listening to Yes albums. He´s a great vocalist and a splendid father of two cjilds. Made his stage debut, aged three, doing cigarette tricks. On a good day he´ll sing the entire Kiss catalogue for you 🙂 Staffan that played with Roxette from the Look Sharp tour 1988 and I did the last gig at the MTV Unplugged concert. Now he isn´t at the Roxette band but he was the director of the children´s choir of the single «Stars». His dauther, Jackie, is one of the children of that choir.


Hello Staffan, I wonder if you ever cougt Marie and Per doing some action when you guys were on tour? All Respect to you man, your a great singer!
(Abdullah, Irak)

Hello Abdullah
No, I never caught them doing anything like that on tour.
They are just friends and I guess no-one around them
would think about them the way you do…
Staffan (

Hello. I really like your voice and I have 2 singles with The Breeze.
Today I listened to Real Sugar by Roxette and thought it sounded a bit like
How do you do?
But I miss your powerful voice on that song. There is a lot of bottom and female top but I really miss your powerful vocals like it is on How do you do and other songs you do with Roxette.
Keep on singing. You have a Great voice! (Chris, Netherlands)

Thank you. That was really nice to hear 🙂

Hi, Stafan. Hur mar du?
My question is: what you think of Peru? did you played here?
Please, send me a kixxx. (Diana Morales, PERU)

No, I never played in Peru. They played there on the tour when I wasn’t in the band.
The only countries I played in South America was Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.

nice to talk with u
can i ask how often do u see anders herrlin & do u know anything about his new fiancee? What did happen with his wife-Sarah? Where is his son Victor?
wish u the best (Tinawiel, vitrysland)

I met Anders this weekend and his son stayed over at my place. If you wanna
know about Anders, then you have to ask him. I don’t wanna talk about other people’s personal life. Sorry 🙂

How did Per and Marie really meet?Ive heard 3 diferant things 1 That they > met in studio and didnt really care for each other. 2 they new each other > from way back and 3 is what my mom said but Im not going to say that one but I think that it might be tru So whats the real deal how did they really meet? (becka, USA)

Well, that happened before I was in the band, but I think they met when they played in different bands and was rehearsing in the rooms next to each other. As far as I know they were very different back then and didn’t like each other that much. Per wanted Marie to do backin vocals on one of their songs… a.s.o.

Dear Staffan ! Happy new year etc,… Summer is just around the corner (optimist!!), and I’m planning my holiday(to do it right you have to start early…), well I was wondering if you and your band had any gigs planned for the summer (july,august) — I need dates I can plan around, so I finally get to hear you play…if you can help me it will be SUPER ! — uhh, and please say hi to your brother (Clarence) and tell him I think he is THE MAN!! — thanks! best wishes Gitte (gitte Havmøller, Denmark)

Actually I don’t know if we have any gigs planned this summer yet. Usually we don’t play during the summer cause we all want some vacation too…
Of course you cvan check if we have any gigs in the future on our web site, which isn’t really updated now, but I hope we’ll have time to update the info on that page soon.

hi staffen, my name is mark from the uk, can i ask you some questions please?»thanks» how are you? why did you decide to go your seprate way from roxette? what do you plan to do now? do you intend on coming to britain any time in 2002? what are marie&per like to work with? isnt marie gorgeous or what? do roxette plan to come to the uk any time in2002/03? are they planning to release any singles/albums in 2002/03? please answer as many questons as you can for me if you find some you cant answer please will you ask per/marie for me. why have’nt roxette been the uk for the past couple of years but have been everywhere else? when were they last in the uk? take care! give all my love to 1&all in roxette and sweden! give all my love to marie for me! take care! say happy birthday on the 12th of feb for me to god-mr per gessle, my birthday is 5 days later»shit» shame aint it take care staffen love to one and all mark andrew graham (mark graham, uk)

Hi there Mark. I left the band a long time ago. I don’t know much about what they are planning these days.
You better check that info on the internet instead. But I do know that Per wasn’t born i february…

You  know if Anders Herrlin and Marie Fredriksson were couple or lovers :=)))) (you say the TRUE). (Diana Morales, PERU)

Well, as far as I know they have never been a couple.

Hi Staffan!!! How are u?
Here is my question: If Marie & Per ask you: Do u want to work with us on our new album? (or something like that) Would you like to? (Diego Soria, Argentina)

Of course I would help them if they wanted my voice on a track or something
like that, but I wouldn’t go on a new tour. I’ve done that and it was great, but I don’t think it’s my cup of tea anymore 😉

Hej Staffan,Hur mår du ?
Gott Nytt År !!!!!! (Aline Flores, Brasil)

Hello Aline. I’m fine and I wish you a happy new year too. Have fun.

Hej Staffan…OH MY GOD, I found a place where I can ask you my question….I don`t know whether you remember me, but I will thank you sooo  much… made my fantime much easier. Perhaps you know, what I mean…Tanja is my best friend 😉
What`s about the Breeze? Can I purchase any records somewhere? Does The Breeze still exists?
Greetings from Germany, Birthe (Birthe, Germany)

Hello Birthe
I remember your name, but not who you are. A lot of fans contacted me back then and i really don’t remember who’s who.
Well, some of them I remember of course…
If I made your fantime easier, then that’s fine even if I don’t know what you mean. Some fans even called me on the phone night and day and they sure didn’t make my time easier…
About The Breeze I really don’t know if you can buy the records anywhere, but you could maybe try searching on the internet.
The singles we released were: Summer Song, Pretty Little Boogie Woogie Girl, We Take Care, Shine Your Love and the last one was called Heaven Is a Paradise.
My personal favourite is Shine your love.
We have a lot of songs left from that time and some of them are still really good, but the band doesn’t exist. Maybe one day we’ll do something again… who knows?

Hey Staffan.
Guess what? Right! Me again 😉
Still got questions which nobody asked here yet. Yeah, nobody!
But they are important to me, since I’m having my own issues with this subject. I’m a victim of early childhood abuse and abuse later in life. My homepage is talking about it and I’m trying to help other people with it.
What do you think about child abuse and abuse in general? With abuse I mean sexual violence.
Do you do something about it? Or do you have songs telling about this subject?
There are only a very few musicians and bands I know that talk and sing about it which I think is not quite right. Especially musicians can reach so many people with their music and thus, open the eyes of people and maybe even make them do something about it.
Hope you will answer these questions.
Take good care of yourself and your family.
Loreena (Loreena, Germany)

Hello again.
I tried to check your homepage but it didn’t work on my Mac with Explorer.
I’ll try it later with other plattforms…
I don’t think anyone in this world like this child abuse thing and of course I don’t like it. Something I’ve been thinking about that I hope every kid that feel bad about their life from time to time about different things (maybe like child abuse or broken hearts or whatever) should know that life changes a lot over time and lots of things are happening when you get older.
If today is bad then the future’s usually much better.
Since I haven’t wrote any songs lately I’m not the right person asking about this… but I think most bands do care, even if it’s not in their songs.
Sometimes songs might help you to think about other things when you’re sad and the music might help people that way… I don’t know. This is not my profession, so I don’t have the answer, but I wish you happiness and a great future.

Hey Staffan!
Just dropped in here to let you know you did a great job when you were still with Roxette, and of course when working with them for the Song «Stars». :o)
Been listening to Marie and Per’s songs for about 9 years now and will see them live on Friday here in Munich :o)Never been to one of their concerts before. Thus, I’m pretty nervous 😉
Hope you are well and safe. Take good care of yourself! May God bless you.
My Homepage: (Loreena, Germany)

Hi there Loreena
I really hope you will enjoy the concert and come out of there still as a
fan 😉

hi staffan!last time i saw you was in perth at the joyride tour. hows life?
i was reading the questions you are so kindly answering and read your child does backing vocals on a new gessle album. is there a follow up to the world according to gessle??? (brad, australia)

Hallo Mate
I really enjoyed Australia and especially Perth. It was a nice place with very friendly people. I hope I’ll have the chance to go back to your lovely country one day…
Yes, correct. My daughter Jackie did a small vocal part on one of the songs on Gessle’s album and she was also on the song Stars with Roxette as well.
If there is a follow up on that album I can’t answer… you have to ask Per about that…
Have fun

Hej,Staffan!!!!! How do u do? I’m so glad that u can read my message.I think u are a great man & if u smth want u certainly achieve it. I wish u many-many happiness.I hope u new group will be very popular even in my country, like popular Roxette here!! BUT! I think U,Anders,Vicki,Pelle, Marie & Per are great band!!!!!!!!
I know why u donn’t work with Roxette any more, but why Anders don’t work with Roxette!? Where is he now? If u will see him give him a GREAT HIJ!& do u know maybe he also wants do the web like this?
       with best wishes always   your      (Alexandra, Belarus(between Russia & Poland))

Anders is working in his own studio producing material for others and he’s a
great guy.
I’ll give him a great HIJ next time I’ll see him… if I remember…

You must go back to Roxette.I miss you soooo!
I´m a fan of you since 1993!What about The Breeze?Where can i became the songs.It´s very herd to find something about you in Germany.
I hope you go back sometime to Roxette.
Roxette isn´t the same since you are not anymore in the Band.Hope to meet you one day.
Sandra (Sandra, Germany)

Hello Sandra
Nice to hear that someone still misses me 🙂
I saw Roxette earlier this year playing live and they sound great… even
without me.
Well, The Breeze haven’t recorded anything for a long time now. We both play
in the same band these days in Sweden, but we don’t do records.
I don’t know if you can find the singles anywhere in Germany anymore, but
one of the songs were released there on Edel Records. The song was called «We take care».
The rest of our records were only released in Sweden.
Maybe we’ll meet one day… who knows…

Olá Staffan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It would like that you talked me a little about » Joyride Tour «.
And which the concert that more it highlighted in that tour?????
Is it by chance it happened some unexpected one or accident in some of the concerts? (Anderson Perrotta Fidélis, brazil)

The Joyride tour was really great, but I don’t remember one special concert that was extra fun. They were fun in different ways all of them… almost…
It would take some time to try to remember the best moments from that tour… but one day I might write it down and tell you…

Hi!!!!Is Mats Persson(drummer in C.B.B. tour) and Mats M.P.Persson the same person???Thanks 4 the replay! (Sabrina, Italy)

Hello Sabrina.
No, they are not the same person. M.P. is the guitar player from Gyllene Tider and the drummer Mats Persson was also the lead singer in Clarence’ and Pelle Alsing’s band called Passengers.

First , thanks to the owner of page for this great forum !!!
wow , a life ago since I saw ya the last time . I think it was 1992 ! I´m relly happy that I can read here something about you !
Could you may tell me where I could find some Pics of you and maybe some songs of you with other bands in the net ???
I really miss ya in the Roxette band !
Take care of you and your family !!! wish ya the best !
love always !!
Bianca (Bianca, Germany)

Actually, I don’t know if there is any pages with pictures of me out there right now.
I had one a while ago with some pictures, but the server where I had all this moved to another company and all of the stuff disappeared.
Maybe I’ll put out some stuff one day on my personal site if I can find the time…

Hi, Staffan. You’ve heard it many times, but I’ll repeat… IT’S REALLY NICE OF YOU TO FIND SOME TIME TO ANSWER OUR NUMEROUS QUESTIONS! THANK YOU! And now tell me sth. You’ve been working with one of the worlds most famous bands (roxette I mean), you’ve got your own band and ~GREAT~ experience in the commercial music field. And now you’re wasting your time on some damned (sorry) ad company. JUST WHY DID YOU GIVE UP MAKING MUSIC AND MAKING MONEY THUS?! Did you ever think, you’d lack your fans? NO! Have your talents vaporized? DON’T THINK SO! Then — why?? You’ve got a brother, a brother who can get you to the very tops of svenska music bussiness in a mere year!

Hello there infofarmer in Russia
So you think I’m wasting my time today? I’ve always had the luck to do a lot of stuff I’ve been dreaming about and this is one of the things I’m doing today.
It’s a great job working in the advertising business and I’m also one of three owners in this company today, which isn’t bad at all.
I’ve been on a couple of tours over the years with different bands, including a world tour with Roxette and where could you go from there? I think I’ve had my share of the music business and been fortunate to do a lot of stuff that many musicians never have the chance to do in a lifetime.
I’m more than happy to know that I’ve been a part of all that but I’ve had enough of it all, that’s why.
But one thing is true… one can sure miss all the fans in the audience from back then. It was really great to perform in front of a lot of people like we did.
If I wanted to be on the top of the swedish music business I would rather try to get there myself instead of using my brother. I’ve always tried to get where I wanted on my own and I’ve managed to do that so far. As you probably know he wasn’t even the one getting me in the Roxette band… honestly he didn’t want his younger brother in the same band in the beginning… but who wants 😉
I hope you’re satisfied with my answer and understand than I’m enjoying my life today doing the things I’m doing.
Have fun and enjoy life!

Hey, you wrote some music for a swedish b-movie once, is it possible to get that any where, besides buying the movie ? I wondered if you and clarence where the only musicians in your family, I understand that you have more siblings than clarence, what do they do, and did your parents have similar intrests in music like you two ?? That was a lot, hope you find the time, and have a GREAT summer! all the very bests, Gitte. (gitte, Denmark)

Hello there Gitte
Well, actually I didn’t write the song. I was just doing the lead vocals on the title song for a movie called Eagle Island back in the 80’s. It’s a nice song written by a friend of mine. I heard that there is a web-shop based in Denmark that is selling this video (Video Netto). I haven’t got the original movie myself, just a VHS-copy of a quite bad quality.
About my family — I have 2 brothers and one sister. Clarence is my older brother and he is, as you all know, a musician. My younger brother is studying right now and my younger sister is an air hostess, but our father, Rune, is a famous jazz musician, arranger and producer.
Have a nice life

hey staffan
it`s really goos to know that you child like of soccer!!!
cos my country it`s pure soccer
please tell were`s ANDERS HERRLIN ANDERSSON ?
HEY nattugglorna it`s great i think
good luck for you in your work
i wish you the best there`s one more time
what do you think about a-teens and stakka bo ?

Well, I think you mean Anders Herrlin…
Anders Herrlin is probably in Stockholm.
I spoke to him last week and he was fine — and so’s me and my family.
A-teens isn’t really my cup of tea (one of the girls is living very
close to my house). Stakka Bo’s new single is nice and so is his video clip.

Staffan!U r sooooo great!!
will we ever see you here??? (Lena, Russia)

It would be fun to see Russia one day in my lifetime, I’ve never been there, so you might see me there one day, but not with Roxette…


New album? Haven’t heard about a new album…


Well, I usually don’t meet Per and Marie unless there’s a concert or
whatever, so it’s hard for me to tell them things like this… 

Jag undrar om per och marie kommer att ha nån konsert i stockholm? och när?
hur är det bästa sättet att fixa biljetter? (Lina Lundström, sweden)

If there will be a concert in Stockholm? You’d better check the papers for news on that and how to get tickets.

Hur dyrt är per gessles hotell i halmstad?
Skriv gärna!
Lina (Lina Lundström, sweden)

Give the Hotel in Halmstad a call to check the prices. I haven’t stayed
there myself…

I think it’s great that you take the time to answer all these questions, I just wonder if you could get your brother Clarence to do the same thing….one thing I would like to know from you, is whether your band, would do gigs outside of Sweden, say Denmark…? (gitte, Denmark)

Well, since my band is doing a look-alike-show of a swedish artist (the lyrics are also in swedish), I don’t think we are going to play in other countries.
It would be easier for you to come to Sweden and see us in concert 🙂

Nice of you to answer all ours questions!
I think the new album is fantastic. Do you ever miss the band? What projects do you have? Do you have more children than your daughter? Does she have a fantastic voice? Greetings from Holland (Amanda, Holland)

Hello there Amanda
Well, I suppose the new album is great. At least that’s what people say. I haven’t had the chance to listen to it myself yet.
Of course I miss the band sometimes. They are great guys and we had fun while touring together back then.
Nowadays I only play with my own band called Nattugglorna a couple of times a year just for fun.
In that band I’m the lead singer doing a look-alike-show of a very famous swedish artist and all the songs are in swedish.
I haven’t had the time to write my own material lately since I’m working with other stuff these days. I just started my own business March 1 st 2001 togehter with 2 friends and we are doing final art for printed adds and web stuff as well.
Today we are 7 at the office but we are planning to be around 15 or 20 after our first year.
We have our office right in the heart of Stockholm where the sun is shining today.
My daughter has a good voice and she really wanna be a singer
one day. I also have a 12 year old son who’s a soccer player and I try to go to all his games every week.

you`re really great persson, what do you think about the new album from roxette? called room service ! (ALINE FLORES, BRAZIL)

Well, I haven’t heard the album yet… only the single and that one’s nice.


My daughter did backing vocals on the latest album from Gessle and she was also doing vocals on the Roxette song Stars.
She will turn 15 may 28th this year. And she is writing lyrics together with a friend and she is dreaming about a being a singer one day…

i wish i could speak swedish language some day,my   problem is time for while.
but i hope maybe some day i could speak swedish language. i wish i could go sweden too and to know stokholm,halmstad and ostra ljunby.
i love swedish music and culture,food and all other things from your country, movie too it`s so much better in all the world i think.
what do you think about the movie from your country?
i love films like a viskningar och rop and others.
what do you think about the songs from your country?
bey, bey.
i hope see you some day
staffan i love you always. (ALINE FLORES, BRASIL)

Well, Sweden is a great country, but as they say…
the grass is always greener over there…
I think your country is beautiful and I sometimes wish I was living in a country without all these dark and cloudy days which we do have a lot of in Sweden. I think a lot of people in Sweden think of your country as the paradise of the world.

Per are good at English especially make Roxette’s lyrics. How did he learn it..??(Almost Roxette’s song are poems). How to be like him..??? (Gits, Indonesia) 

Well, in Sweden we all learn english in school. Per have probably learned a lot from all the music he’s been listening too while growing up. I really can’t answer this question but that’s what I suppose…
By the way… don’t try to be like him… be yourself…
That’s more original…

staffan ,i know that you`re very good on the stages,when you come back to brazil with marie and per? (ALINE FLORES, brasil) 

Sorry to tell you that I will not come back to Brazil with Per and Marie?
I’m not in the band anyore, you know.

you would like make a soloalbum or not? (ALINE FLORES, brasil)

I really don’t know if I will make a solo album or not… maybe one day
I’ll have time to record (and write songs as well).
It has always been a dream to record something on my own and I’m still dreaming about that but haven’t got time right now… time is always a problem 😉

what do think about marie and per? (ALINE FLORES, brasil)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… they are great people.
It’s been a pleassure working with them both on stage and in the studio.

What is the best part about working with Per and Marie? (Cynthia, The Netherlands)

The best part about working with Per and Marie was probably that we had great fun. They are both nice people and so are the other members of the band and the crew as well.
It was also great playing at all those great places… a great thing to have been playing for all of you out there… something I will remember for a long, long time…

staffanjust a quick question why did you leave roxette (Mark bodicoat, uk)

Well they changed the setup in the band at that time and they were planning to use a band with 2 drummers and 2 guitar players for the Crash, Boom, Bang tour…
Then Mats Persson and Micke Andersson became the new members instead (2 great musicians and nice guys).

How was be part of «Join the Joyride» tour?
What do you think that was the best presentation?
Have you got plans to be at a future Roxette tour? (Thiago Cezimbra, Brazil)

It was really great to work and tour with Roxette and the Joyride world tour was a great experience. We had fun and we had the chance to see a lot of nice places around the world and meet some nice people around the globe.
I have no plans to go on future tours. I sing with my own band once in a while, but I’ve done my touring in my life. I rather stay home and spend my time with family and friends instead.
But it was great fun to be a part of all that fun.

Hello Staffan!
So you have a South American girlfriend I read. Are you going to learn spanish now? Are you happy? Are you married? How are your cool brother Clarence? Sorry if to many questions. (Carolina, Spain)

Hello there.
Well, my girlfriend isn’t South American… she’s swedish, but her father is from Colombia and she speaks swedish too.
Maybe I’ll try to learn spanish one day, ’cause it’s fun to learn.
I’m not married, never been, and I’m happy… I’m always happy. My cool brother Clarence is still cool and he’s fine I suppose. We met a couple of weeks ago at his place for dinner.

Hello, firstly I want to say thank you for responding to all these questions. It’s really nice to see that you have time for something like this.  Secondly, I want to ask a question.  I love the sound of Look, Joy, Tourism and the 4 new songs on Don’t Bore Us . . . like June Afternoon etc. But I can’t understand why they went with the sound of HAND?  They sound much better with rock-sound.  I think Joyride is more successful than the others, even Crash! had a nice sound — not the same but okay.  Why do you think they went with this new sound (I know music style change just like people do), and if you had the decision to make, which style would you prefer for future albums?  Personally, there is not one song on Have A Nice Day that comes close to Fading Like a Flower and Church of Your Heart. Thank you. (Jacques, Cape Town, South Africa)
Hi there Jaques.
Well, it’s really hard for me to answer why they changed the sound, but probably you have to develop your music from time to time and personally I don’t think it’s such a big difference compared to how much other bands change their sound over such a long period as we are talking about here. I think Roxette have grown and moved in a nice direction and the music is still good. You are right about that people change and even the music have to change to follow too.
If you give the album more time you’ll probably find your bits and pieces in there too one day…
Have a nice life / Staffan


Sorry Carla, but I will not play with Roxette anymore.
But my brother is still in the band and I hope that’s good enough for you 😉
Take care

How is working with Roxette? (Elizabeth, Argentina) 

It was great working with Roxette. Both Per and Marie and the band as well were all great people to spend a part of my life with.

What do you think about the demolition of T&S? (Elizabeth, Argentina)

I’ve never been to the studio, but of course it’s sad when they have to destroy a building like that. Maybe it would be a landmark like the old Cavern Club in Liverpool where Beatles used to play or The Star Club in Hamburg. It’s better to save the building and make some money there in the future. Like a museum or something maybe… who knows? I don’t know.

What do you remember of your visits to Argentina? (Elizabeth, Argentina) 

I really liked South America a lot. I really hope I’ll go there one day again.
The girl I’m living with right now is half Colombian, so maybe we’ll travel there one day… who knows? Then I’ll hope to see the rest of South America once again. I like it.

Hej Staffan!!I would ask you a simple question!
Have you seen one of the concerts of Marie F. this summer???
All the best from Ester* (Ester, Italy) 

Hello there Ester.
Yes, I saw Marie performing live in Stockholm this summer.
She was excellent on stage, like always.

I love u all in Roxette!
Are U Happy in your live?
Are U happy in yor family?
When are you gonna play Staffan? (Melinda, Argentina) 

Hello Melinda.
I’m very happy with my life and my family.
I’m still playing/singing with my own band sometimes here in Sweden.

Staffan: Is Sweden growing musically or is it bound to become a country which exports music made only to sell commercially? Will good music such as Roxette go on or will we have new so-called «Roxette Teens»? (Gimena, Argentina) 

Hi Gimena
There’s always a lot of different music happening here in Sweden, just like in the rest of the world, but there’s not as many places where they can perform as it was years ago, like the late 70’s. There’s more places with dj’s these days, but I think there are a lot of bands in the country still. Actually I think a lot of the commercial music is great too…and Roxette is one of them… right?

Hi! how r u doing?
I wanted to know what has happened to Anders Herrling?
I love him as Per, Marie and the whole band, that’s why I wanted to know.
             Love u all (vanina, Argentina)

Hello there.
I’m feeling just great. It’s getting hotter everyday here in Sweden and I really like it that way. Well, it’s not as hot as it is in Argentina though 😉
Anders Herrlin is a good friend of mine, but I haven’t talked to him for a while. But I suppose he is working in his own studio producing music all the time. I know he’s also been working with my brother Clarence lately recording a new album with a swedish artist.

Have u ever had a cybergirlfriend? (Krysta, somewhere in the world) 

I have a lot of friends that I met online all over the world, but if you can call one friend like that a cyber girlfriend I don’t know… for me a girlfriend is someone you live with.
But you can sometimes fall in love over the net, but I wouldn’t call her my girlfriend… maybe I’m too old-fashioned…
So, do you wanna be my cyber girlfriend, or what?

don´t you ever get sick of being asked about roxette? (Roxeanne, Germany)

That depends on the questions. As long as it involves me, then there’s no problem. But it gets boring answering questions about Per & Marie. It’s better to ask them or a Fan Club. They probably know more than I do.
But I really understand that people like you want to know all these things. I also have bands I grew up with and also am curious about what they do nowadays.

what are you doing these days? (Roxeanne, Germany)

Now I’m working in an advertising agency in Stockholm doing adds for newspapers and stuff like that.
I’m also a lead singer in my own band, which is a look-alike-show of a famous swedish artist called Magnus Uggla.
What about yourself? What are you doing these days? 😉

Why doesn´t Per play solo guitars in a live Roxette concert? (Martin) 

Well, maybe you should ask Per that question.
Honestly he is not that good lead guitar player, so the great guitar players (like Jonas or Micke Nord) takes that part of the job.

Hi there! I´ll take this in English so other can understand=)
I´ve been looking everywhere for much information abour Roxette. The background, biograpghy and stuff like that. I would be pleased if you could send me a good site with this kind of information…Well, Happy Easter/Sheron (Sheron, Sweden)

Well then I’ll try to answer your question in english too 😉 I’m not the right person to ask for this information, but try It’s a great site on the internet filled with Roxette info.

What you think about have yo you brother in the band and why roxette is the best  bye (Carlos, Argentina)

Actually, when I first played with Roxette in 1988 it was the first time me and my brother played together. It was great working together.
When I was on those tours we all felt like a family, not just me and my brother. You know, we all live very close and socialize a lot during the tours, so finally we end up like a family during the tours. Nowadays I don’t meet those guys that much. We do different stuff now.

Do you like Spain fans? (Rocio, Spain)
It doesn’t matter where fans are from as long as they are nice. I like ’em all.
Anyway, I don’t think I have that many fans these days…

Do you in worldtour? (Eduardi, Chile)

I really don’t know what you mean here, but if you’re asking me if I’m going on a world tour with Roxette that’s no and if you’re asking me if I was on a world tour with Roxette the answer is yes. I was on the Joyride tour.

Could you tell me the best ROXETTE fan-clab,I realy whont to know»»???,and way did they change their stile  of makeing muzic,way  isn’t Per showing in videos  so much??? thank’ (@zA, Sibir)

Since I’m not a member of a fan-club I don’t know. It’s all up to you to decide. Changing music style is a positive thing, I think. We all grow up and get new influences and so is the music. It’s a natural way and most of the time fresh and nice too.

Is Per a funny guy? (Madeleine Nyberg, Sweden)

Yes, Per is an amusing guy. He is always happy and he’s got a lot of energy. He always like telling jokes, at least when I was touring with them.

What are your going to do at christmas and at new year? (Martín Herrera, Argentina)

Sorry, haven’t got any plans right now. We were supposed to play new years eve with my band, but the gig was cancelled so I don’t know right now. Any suggestions?

What are your plans for the new millenium? (Sonia, Finland) 

My plans for the new Millenium (oh I hate that word). I will just continue doing what I’m doing.

Hello,Staffan!My name is Fernanda (it’s a girl’s name !)and I live in Brazil.
Who’s Jackie Ofwerman?Is she your daughter? The only thing I know is that she sings so well! Her voice is like an angel’s voice! Thanks for reading my message.Braziliam kisses to you and Jackie. Fernanda Bertuleza (Fernanda Bertuleza, Brazil)

Yes, Jackie is my 13 year old daughter and she’s got a nice voice that’s true.
She and some of her friends were the childrens choir on Stars and Jackie also did a voice alone on Gessle’s latest solo album.

Hello Staffan !! How are you ? I’m Madonna from Argentina and I would like to know …what can you advise me to be a singer ?? I have 326 songs writed but I don’t know what can I do!!**Kisses from Madonna** (Madonna, Argentina)

I’m sorry, but I really don’t know how to become a singer. The best way is probably to send a demo to a record company and hope that they like your voice.
Good luck and hope you will make it to the top one day.

Do you release different album’s in different countries? (Glenn, US) 

I don’t think I can answer that question. I really don’t know how that works. But I think sometimes they release special versions of albums in some countries. Sometimes they give you a B-side or a remix as a bonus in some releases. Roxette and some other bands have also released spanish versions of songs for the South American market. You better ask someone at the record company this question.

Have you ever been to Argentina? If it´s yes, what do you think about it? If it´s no, would you like to come someday, you are invited!!!! Kisses Bye SABI! (Sabi-GESSLE, Argentina)

Of course I’ve been to Argentina. We played in Argentina on the Joyride tour.
I like Argentina and South America a lot. I never saw much of the countryside, which I hope I’ll have time to do in the future. I like the food in your country and the women are also beautiful.

What do you think about hackers? I had a problem with one of them a very few time ago (Jorge Diaz, Argentina)

Sorry, but I haven’t had the pleasure to meet a hacker yet, as far as I know…
But if they do bad things to other innocent people, I hate them a lot. It’s ok if they play with their own machine but if they play with other people I think they’re really out in the completely wrong playground.

Do you have more brothers/sisters other than Clarence? (Cris again, Br)

Yes, I also have a 3 year younger sister and a brother who is 9 years younger than me.

Do you listen to Meredith Brooks? What do you think of her? (Cris again, Br)

No, I can’t say I listen to Meredith Brooks

Whick is your best country to go on holiday? Thanxs!!!! SABI! (Sabi-GESSLE, Argentina)

Well, since I haven’t been in every country I really don’t know.
But I like a place that’s got both beaches and maybe a small town connected. There should also be some nice small restaurants serving local specialities. I like Greece a lot, but it’s too many tourists at the places I’ve been to.

What hair, uh, wig?? You used a wig on the Joyride tour too?? I loved that spikey hair… (Cris, Br)

I’m using a wig when I play with my own band, which is a look-alike show.
I didn’t use a wig on the tour with Roxette. That was my own so called Edward Scissorhands-hair-do. Now I’m older and I haven’t got as  much hair left as I got back then. And my hair is my normal colour now (which is not black). I look kinda plain now. No-one would recognize me today.

Do you have baby? (Larissa Continental, Lituania)

Well, I don’t know if you call them babies if they are 13 and 10 years old. A girl named Jackie, she’s 13 and a boy named Hampus who is 10.

Hallo Stephan.
Is that your realy hair in the pocture or a wig, if it is  a wig you look very nice on it. (Monalisa, Tanzania/Zanzibar)

Well, it’s a wig… but when we meet in the future I might wear it. Who knows?

I heard rumours that it is your voice you can hear with a high pitch in Fading Like A Flower and the words «can’t let go». Is that really your voice we hear? (Wildman, germany)

So you hear rumours about my voice? That’s great.
Well, yes I think it’s the song where you here my voice best. My high pitch screaming hysterical voice together with Marie. «Can’t Let Go!». I also think they kept my voice on the Spanish version, but I haven’t heard that CD, so I don’t know. But I think Clarence told me they kept that take even in that version.

We really miss you on stage Staffan. You were really full of energy on stage and that thing we miss with Roxette on last tour. Please come back!!! (Wildman, germany)

Thanx a lot. Energy on stage is my middle name. I really enjoy being on stage. But now I use all my energy with my own band…

When you go to argentina? (Alfredo, Argentina)

I don’t know when I will come to Argentina.
If you want to know when Roxette will be there, you have to ask them. But I have no plans going there in person.

Hi Staffan!
In which other bands (apart from Rox) have you been involved? And have you ever released some solo-material? (Ezequiel «PiR_GeSSLe», Argentina)

I used to be a freelance musician, like all members of the Roxette band. We were just hired for recordings and tours. During the rest of the time we all played in other bands. Roxette is only Per & Marie and a bunch of musicians. That’s why the band changes from time to time. I played with a couple of Swedish bands and artists on tour, like The Creeps, Suzzie’s Orkester and Efva Attling. I also had a couple of bands on my own and I also recorded 4 singles with my own band and as a solo artist
(which was a song written and produced by Gessle).

I like the Coors too! They’re awesome!
What kind of movies do you like to watch? Which ones have you seen recently that you’d recommend? (Cris, Br)

I don’t go to the Cinema that much, I usually watch films on TV. I really don’t remember which one I saw last time, but I like comedy’s a lot. Steve Martin is the best. Take a look at his film called «The Jerk» it’s great.

Do you get bored of these questions? Sorry, I had to ask… I know Per does… (Cris, Br)

Well, some questions I get tired of hearing, like when will Roxette go on tour and what do you think of the new album, and so on. All those questions that relate to Per and Marie. I don’t meet them these days, so you have to ask them these questions instead. Or people can ask their record company or fan clubs. The official fan club is probably the best place to start at.

What kind of sites do you like to visit, while you’re on-line? (Cris, Br)

I usually follow other people’s links and they take me to places I never would go to otherwise. It’s nice to see what people recommends. Usually I look at nice looking sites to get ideas for my own programming skills. I got a lot of sites in my computer that I don’t export. Someday I’m going to do a nice homepage of my own.

Hello Staffan!
I was one of them who won your autograph from the fanclub. We seem to have quite equal valuations. Now I wonder: What do you think of Fools Garden? (Madelene Forsberg, Sweden)

I don’t think I’ve heard them that much. Is that the group that made the song Lemon Tree? Well, that’s not my kinda music really. And that song also has stolen parts from an old song with the Police, which is one of my old favourite bands.

Hi Staffan! Whit whom are you workking with??? KISSES FROM ARGENTINA!! (Sabi, Argentina)

I’m working in an advertising agency now.
When I’m woriking with music, I have my own band.

Hi Staffan! If you had to chose the best Roxette song, whick one will be and why? Kisses frrom Argentina!! (Sabina Granero, Argentina)

I’m sorry, but I just can’t choose one single song. It all depends on what mood I’m in, and that’s the same with all kinds of music, for me. Sometimes I like pop songs and sometimes rock, sometimes slower and sometimes fast. It all depends on the mood I’m in.

What kind of music do you like to hear? What are your favourite bands/artists? (Cris, Br)

I like The Corrs, Peter Gabriel and Crowded House a lot. But I also like a lot of other stuff. Don’t remember right now.

Do you know what Vicki is doing nowadays? Do you keep contact with her? (Cris, Br)

I haven’t seen Vicky since Maries birthday last year and she was doing great.

Do you meet Per and/or Marie «extra-officially» (ie. not to talk about work and stuff; just meet and chi-chat)? (Cris, Br)

No, we never meet these days.
Sometimes at a party or when I’ve worked with them only.

Do you like The Simpsoms? (Sebastián Baioni, Argentina)

I don’t have a special favourite on TV. I watch movies a lot and The Simpsons are funny. But I usually don’t watch that.

Hi Staffan!!! Thanks you very much for give us this big opportunity to know more about yourself, answer our doubts and left us know more about your artistic-world with Roxette and outside Roxette!!!, Thanks you for be like you are!!!. Have you got any proyect to work with your daugther? How old is she? Could you show us some picture of herself?. I don´t know if this question is for you but «when we are going to can see the section of picture?». Bye and thanks again for all! I hope you can answer my question. (Jorge Gómez, Barcelona-Spain)

No, I haven’t got any project to work with my daughter. She used to have «a band», with 3 of her friends, but as they grew away from each other, I don’t think the band exist anymore. They had one really great song that we both wrote together, so maybe one day she wants to release it, who knows? She’s 13 years old and I don’t wanna expose pictures of her here. She has her own homepage, so if you find it, you probably can see pictures of her too.

What tipe of music do you play at your own band? (Jorge Diaz, Argentina)

My band is a look-alike show of a famous pop singer in Sweden called Magnus Uggla. It’s all in Swedish and the lyrics and very important in this show. But the music is good too and it’s really fun to do that show.

Why did you leave Roxette? (Caroline WILTZ, Mexico)

I didn’t leave Roxette, they wanted to change the line-up with a rougher sound and wanted two drummers and two guitars, and I don’t play these instruments. So, there wasn’t any work for me and Vicky in the band any longer. We were just musicians hired for the tour, just like the rest of the band. Roxette are Per & Marie and the band is different from time to time.

Have Per & Marie changed after all these years of «Fame and Fortune» or are they still the same? (Caroline WILTZ, Mexico)

Of course they have changed, we all do. But if it has to do with fame and fortune I don’t know. They’re still nice people and that is what I count.

Me again. I was just wondering in which song your daughter did some vocal parts for Per’s solo album? (Caroline WILTZ, Mexico)

I think the song is called «Elvis in Germany»

Thank you for answering my questions. Now that I was reading all your answers I was wondering if it’s not hard to have a «normal» life. I mean even if you were not the lead singer in Roxette most of the fans were able to identify you, I know I was very thrilled when I met you (when Roxette came to Mexico in March 25th and 26th 1992), so my point is that you were in the spotlight for quite a long time and now you are far behind the scenes. So how does it feel? Sorry if this question is a little bit too long. (Caroline WILTZ, Mexico)

People didn’t recognize me that often, so it’s not a big difference now. I’ve always been living a «normal life». I don’t even think some of my neighbours knew what I was doing at that time.

Do you like the remix versions of Stars? (Jorge Diaz, Argentina)

I miss the children on that version. That was a nice touch to the album version.

Do you live in Hamstad? (Jorge Diaz, Argentina)

No I live outside of Stockholm… far away from Halmstad. More close to Marie’s place. And I work very close to Per’s apartment in Stockholm.

How do you feel havening your own band? (Martías Bernal, Argentina)

It’s great having my own band. I really love being on stage.

What did you felt when you felt Roxette? (Martías Bernal, Argentina)

I think it’s supposed to be …when you left Roxette.
I really don’t know what I felt. They wanted to change the line-up and that’s cool. I’m glad I’ve been with them for such a long time and all the things I’ve experienced along the tours.

Are you afraid at the failure? (Martías Bernal, Argentina)

Don’t know what you mean.

What do you think about fans? (Jorge Diaz, Argentina)
It’s like asking someone what they like people. Every fan is a person. You can’t judge a fan cause he or she is a fan. But I like friendly people.

How you feel if any of your songs is number one? (Martías Bernal, Argentina)

I don’t know yet. My songs haven’t reach the number one position.

Do you like if the people call you like «the keyboards of Roxette» or «the back vocals of Roxette»? (Martías Bernal, Argentina)

I think Clarence is the keyboard player in Roxette and I used to do a lot of percussion and backing vocals (plus some keyboard stuff). I don’t care what people call me. That was a long time ago and I don’t bother what people call me really.

Why Vicky Benckert went out of Roxette? (Martías Bernal, Argentina)

Well, she was replaced just like me. A new line-up with 2 guitars and 2 drummers instead. To get a heavier live sound, I suppose.

Why you went out of Roxette? (Martías Bernal, Argentina)

See answer above… 

Have you travelled abroad (either on tour or on private travels) besides the Roxette tour? If so, where have you been to? And where would you like to travel to? (Kellz, Brazil)

Well, I’ve done 2 tours with other bands than Roxette outside of Sweden and that was a short (not a tour) one with a band called 1,2,3. We did a couple of gigs in London. And then I did a European tour with a swedish band called The Creeps (they also won a grammy in Sweden that year). And yes, I’ve been travelling quite a lot around Europe on Holidays and also been to USA. The only places I haven’t been to is Asia and Africa.

What did you think about Brazil? (Tuca, Brazil)

I like Brazil. It’s a nice country, but a bit scary during the nights in Rio though.
I would love to see more of the country one day. We didn’t see much of the countryside, which I think is fantastic. But we took a lunch outside Rio one day and that was great. Getting away from the city…

Hi Staffan,
during the tour with Roxette : who decided which part you and which part your brother should play on the keyboards of a song ? (Rothe, Belgium)

Well, Clarence played most of it (he’s much better than I am on keyboards) and I played the things left over. Most of the time I played pad stuff and some melody parts or brass and horn stuff. Clarence played all the piano parts, organs and stuff like that. He played a lot.

When do you think that ROXETTE will finish? (Sabi-GESSLE, Argentina)

I don’t know.

If you ddin´t play with Roxette, in whick group would you like to be in? (Sabina Granero, Argentina)
Actually I don’t know. The most important thing for me is that the music has to be the kind I like and also the people in the band.

Do you think Per Gessle is a great musican? (Alvaro y Marcelo, Uruguay)
He’s a good song-writer, not a real musician. He’s got a great sense for melodies.

Is true that in the join the joyride tour you was the vicky benckert’s lover? (Alvaro y Marcelo Marques (A&M Brothers), Uruguay)

No, I was not her lover. No one in the band was Vicky’s lover  (as far as I know).

Which are your favorites bands in the world? (Alvaro y Marcelo Marques (A&M Brothers), Uruguay)

I listen to a lot of different music, but I like The Corrs, Crowded House, and soft music like that.

We know of some songs performed at the MTV Unplugged show that were not broadcasted (Fading Like A Flower, So Far Away). Why do you think they were edited off the show? (Alvaro y Marcelo Marques (A&M Brothers), Uruguay)

I don’t know. I don’t even remember that we played them, but I know there are one long and one short version of that performance. I don’t know if these songs are on the long version. It’s a long time ago…

Do you remember the day the band recorded SO FAY AWAY and HERE COMES THE WEEKEND at the Buenos Aires hotelroom? I’d like you to share with us any memories you have of that session. I think they managed to create a great atmosphere wich captured in those tracks gives them a great feeling. Do you know if they ever repeated the experience of recording at hotel rooms? And most important of all: do you know of any song recorded during the Tourism sessions but never released? (Diego Buzzato, Argentina)

I don’t know who came up with the idea, but I just got a call from someone in the band, that the next songs they needed me to go to Per’s room to record, so I went up there and we recorded the song. And about other songs not released, I don’t know. The songs I was involved in are all there.

In the back of the booklet of the TOURISM album there’s a cassette in wich you can read 9 song titles. One of them is «DON’T YOU…». I always wanted to know if this is a demo of an unreleased track or if it has already been released under another title. Since you worked during the Tourism sessions, I thought you may have the answer! (Diego Buzzato, Argentina)

Sorry, but I don’t know what it is…

How are Per and Marie outside Roxette? (Arnaldo Mariano Suarez, Argentina)

They are great!

What Roxette song you like more?  (Arnaldo Mariano Suarez, Argentina)

I don’t know which song I like best, but it’s probably one of «Fireworks», «Almost Unreal», «How do you do» or «Fading like a flower» Some of the other great songs I’ve probably heard too much to mention them in this list.

What Roxette song your don´t like?  (Arnaldo Mariano Suarez, Argentina)
I don’t like «View from a hill»

What do you make more than Roxette?  (Arnaldo Mariano Suarez, Argentina)

I sing with my own band «Nattugglorna» which is a look-alike show with songs by a famous swedish artist called Magnus Uggla.

How you meet Per? (Arnaldo Mariano Suarez, Argentina)
First time I met Per was at a party we had when I played with a swedish singer.
We had a party after our concert in Halmstad and we went to a club with Per
and our band.

Are you related to Clarence Ofwerman? (Christopher)

Yes, Clarence is my 5 year older brother. But it’s not because of him I played with Roxette. Actually I think he didn’t want me in the band in the beginning. I knew Per and Marie a little before I started in Roxette and I think Marie suggested me for the band (we played a couple of times together before Roxette).

What has represented musically and in your personal life to be part of Roxette? (Caroline WILTZ, México)

First of all, you learn a lot while touring as much as we did then. You get good routines of performing on stage and of course you meet a lot of interesting people while touring.

Do you feel that your personal career (I think you have a band, but I’m not sure) was neglected by the fact that you were in Roxette, I mean recording, touring and recording and touring again? (Caroline WILTZ, México)

I had a band while I was touring (a 2-man band called The Breeze). We wrote material together while I was on tour. Sometimes we wrote songs while I was home between continents and sometimes I wrote songs or lyrics in my hotel room. I always brought a very small Synthesizer/Sequencer (not bigger than a VCR cassette) with me.  

What projects are you involved in nowadays? (Kimie Shimabukuro, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil)

Now I’m a “normal” person doing a normal job. I’m working in an advetising agency doing adds on a Macintosh all day long. I also have a look-alike band with a couple of friends, where I’m doing the lead vocals wearing a wig and try to look and sound like a very famous swedish artist called Magnus Uggla. The band is called Nattugglorna and we usually play 2 times a month just having a lot of fun. It’s quite a big show taking on the road, but it’s real fun. And I really like to sing once in a while. I also write some songs on my own… maybe I’ll release it someday on my own or with The Breeze.

(look at and ).

Have you got any closer to your new popcareer? (Sofia, Vischan)

My new popcareer???

What are your plans for the future? (Martina Karlsson, Halmstad, Sweden)

My future is supposed to be fun. I haven’t got any plans right now. I do whatever I like to do in life. I like to learn new things, so Internet is my real passion right now.

I saw with the pass of the years on the CD´s that you make the choirs that you have a great voice. I will like to know what are your plans in the future with the group Roxette? (Andres Gonzalez, Colombia)

Sorry, but I don’t have any plans with Roxette. They call me whenever they want me and I’m always available for them. They are great people working with.

How do you see Roxette in a future? (Caroline WILTZ, México)

Since I’m not involved in Roxette now, it’s kinda hard for me to see their future, but I really hope they continue writing and playing all those good pop songs they do now.

Do you believe in love after love? (Sofia, Vischan)

I love love and i really love to be in love everyday in my life (whoever it’s gonna be…)

what’s your opinion about the new sounds of have a nice day album? do you make this music with your band in swedish? (Alvaro y Marcelo Marques (A&M Brothers), Uruguay)

I like the new sound. It’s fresh. But I don’t play that kind of music with my own band.

What makes you laugh? (Sofia, Vischan)

Steve Martin

Do you cry when you watch sad movies? (Sofia, Vischan)

Long time since I cried watching a movie. I think I’m more sensitive on the inside…

What do you think about the changing of Roxette from pop to dance. Is it only to sell more records? (Breno, Brazil)

I think that’s a natural way. But I don’t think their music is dance music, it’s just a more modern sound, the music is still pop, I think.  

What do you think about Per? (Kemerly Grau, Lima — Perú)

Per is a very nice guy and very funny too. Usually you don’t see that side of him during  interviews, but he’s great. He’s also a very talented songwriter.

What do you think about: — Björn Rosenström — Ola Magnell — Love Olzon? (Sofia, Vischan)

Björn Rosenström is weird (at least the stuff I’ve heard so far), Ola Magnell is too old for my kinda music and Love Olzon is an old friend of mine. Haven’t heard his new album, but I like his personal sound and lyrics. I sold him his first guitar and amplifier.  

When Per appear with a new song does he know exactly what he want about the music or you just improve and he gives the OK? (Myriam, Argentina)

When I’ve worked with Roxette in the studio, the music is already on tape. I’m there for the vocal parts, which usually is the last thing you do on the song. So, I really don’t know what way he works with the song… you better ask my brother Clarence, who is the one arranging all the songs.  

When I listen your music I can understand your feelings but, all your songs talk about your own experiences or about your people? (Ahmed, Spain)

Hey, I’m just a musician. I don’t write the songs. That’s a question you should talk to a songwriter bout.  

We have the same birthday, Happy Birthday!!! How long have you been with ROXETTE and why ROXETTE didn’t make any self-titled album??? (Marc Justin Rivera, Philippines)

Same Birthday, that’s great. Let’s celebrate together sometime (just kidding).

I played with Roxette for about 5 or 6 years, but I’m not in the band any longer. I was exchanged after the MTV Unplugged concert. The only things I’ve done with them after that is on recordings.  

Hi, Staffan. I don´t know if you remember but in 1992 you played with Rox in a city called Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I was living there at the time and I was not allowed to go to the gig — I was only 12-but thats not the important thing. I just wanna know if you remember the hotel you all guys stayed at and what did you all think of the city-hated it or liked it? Or were you too tired to define? Oh theres more: I´d like to know what other bands the guys in the band enjoy, tho´ this may be a stupid  question…Please, one more: have any of you guys been her in brazil out of working and touring? sory if i´ve asked too much…thanx! (Julio Cesar Miranda Muñiz, Brasilia, brazil)

Don’t feel sorry asking a lot of questions… I’m here to answer…

I’ve got a pretty bad memory. We only saw the places we went to very shortly. And if I remember correct I think I only stayed at the pool (on the roof) all day writing lyrics for my own band the day when we were in Belo Horizonte. But I like Brazil. I don’t think any of the band memebers been there in private. You have to ask them whenever they answer questions like this.

I don’t know what other bands they listen to nowadays, we don’t meet that often these days.

When are you going on tour, I wonder if I could do a video of you, cause I’m in a tv-video school. (agneta, Sweden)

And I don’t think I can answer that question. I’m not involved anymore and I was never involved in those questions before either. I was just a musician. Sorry.

You work with advertising, what do you think is the best way to promote a CD? TV, radio, internet, busstops…? (Sofia, Vischan)

I’m only doing layouts at work. I don’t think anyone really knows the final answer to that question. You have to find new ways and solutions everyday. That’s the fun part. No day at work is like the other…  

Who had the idea that you dougther work on the last Roxette Single “Stars”? It was yours or her?, do you wish that she have a musical carrer? And if yes what do you say to she? (Sebastián Heis, Argentina)

She did a vocal part (on her own) on Pers solo album a few years ago and now they wanted a childrens choir. They contacted a music school but felt it would sound to “clean” so they asked me if I could arrange 5 or 6 girls to do the part on Stars and my daughter called a couple of her friends which I then rehearsed with at home. They all past the test. And in the studio they recorded the whole part in only one take!!! It was great.

If my kids wanna be musicians that’s up to them. I don’t care what they do as long as they like what they do. Being a musician is great fun. I’m really greatful for being a part of The Roxette band and doing the tours and recordings with them. They’re great guys and I wish them all the luck in the future.

Who had the idea that you dougther work on the last Roxette Single “Stars”? It was yours or her?, do you wish that she have a musical carrer? And if yes what do you say to she? (Sebastián Heis, Argentina)

She did a vocal part (on her own) on Pers solo album a few years ago and now they wanted a childrens choir. They contacted a music school but felt it would sound to “clean” so they asked me if I could arrange 5 or 6 girls to do the part on Stars and my daughter called a couple of her friends which I then rehearsed with at home. They all past the test. And in the studio they recorded the whole part in only one take!!! It was great.

If my kids wanna be musicians that’s up to them. I don’t care what they do as long as they like what they do. Being a musician is great fun. I’m really greatful for being a part of The Roxette band and doing the tours and recordings with them. They’re great guys and I wish them all the luck in the future.

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